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"BioDynamic Breath is built on new approach to trauma release.  This profound and revolutionary system of body therapy integrates deep connected breathing with especially designed concsious movement, body awareness techniques, bodywork, and meditation.


When skillfully combined in an integrted flow and safe environment these techniques result in releasing long held trauma from the body/mind."

Jason Cooper is a trained Level I facilitator in BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release, studying under founder, Giten Tonkov.  This approach to breathwork "expands our capacity to contain and support the free flow of energy. As a result it restructures at a cellular level, supporting the full opening of the spine and releasing the chronic tension held in the nervous system.  Ultimately we transform into being increasingly present, conscious, and compassionate in our every day life."  


Jason is extremely grateful and humbled to share this work with you.  

Join us on the path towards emotional freedom. 


For more information please contact us or visit the official website:




Available for private sessions.


Jason Cooper

(856) 896-1771


Giten Tonkov

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release, founder

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