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Conscious Workshops


We aim to educate the community with courses in various areas of wellness, specifically tailored to you and your group.  We will design a curriculum that enables growth and encourages self care with the health and safety of all participants as our top priority.






About Us::

   Our practitioners include professional, certified, insured and experienced yoga instructors, meditation leaders, a holistic nutrition counselor, stress management specialists, a qi gong teacher, a personal trainer, authors, a drum circle facilitator, an herbalist, holistic life and mindfulness coaches, a pharmacist, and a therapist.  We are all CPR/First Aid certified, and available for in-person and virtual sessions.


Our Goals for You:

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase mindfulness 

  • Create a positive lifestyle / relationship with self and the group

  • Build new tools for coping with anxiety, depression and trauma

  • Relieve pain

  • Track progress using wellness assessments




   -Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Gratitude, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Giving and Receiving

Nutrition / Cooking Classes

   -Eating the Rainbow, Tea Ceremony, Herbs for Healing, Healthy Eating on a Budget, Nutritious & Delicious


Meditation / Stress Management

   -Breathing to Relax, Meditation in Motion, Ease Your Heart, Meditation for Self Love, Gratitude Meditation


Music Therapy

   -Interactive Drum Circle, Music for Gratitude, Drumming as a Release,  Drumming for Celebration, Music and Breath


Functional Physical Exercise

   -Movement and Balance, Range of Motion, Body Weight Workouts, Strength and Mobility, Fitness and Yoga


Team Building Exercises

   -Partner Yoga, Trust Building, Communication Exercises


Interactive Journaling Workshops

   -Gratitude Workshop, Healthy Leisure, Expressive Writing, Conflict Management, Good Habits


Professional Development

   -All Classes available for Staff, separately or everyone together


Zoom / In-Person classes

   -Flexible Daytime/Evening Hours in all Time Zones


      Drug / Alcohol Rehab Centers

      Nursing Homes

      55+ Communities


      Healthcare Systems


1 class / week

  8 weeks = $960 ($120/class)

  13 weeks = $1495 ($115/class)


2 classes / week

  8 weeks = $1760 ($110/class)

  13 weeks = $2730 ($105/class)


3 classes / week

  8 weeks = $2400 ($100/class)

  13 weeks = $3705 ($95/class)



Jason Cooper           

Saint Petersburg, FL


856-896-1771 (call or text)


Or simply send this form>>>

If you would like to host Conscious Workshops individually, as a group, or for your workplace, please submit your email address, and we will reach out to you directly.

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